A Flion's Abode

Flions are from Jewel at the lovely Sanori Gardens!

The DragonSpeaker guides you across the grounds to a high tower seemingly carven from an exquisite piece of ivory. It glimmers in the muted sunlight of the partially cloudy day, catching what light there is and throwing it back in a playful manner. A single opening is set into the base, a doorway with no door to hinder the passage of the winds or visitors alike. The DragonSpeaker stops here and motions you through with a friendly smile. She says nothing, but you understand that she will not accompany you further. As you hesitate at the threshold, she smiles again encouragingly, but holds her silence. Something about this place begs for a reverent quiet... and so you oblige. Within the tower, just past the doorway through which you just passed, is a slender white staircase. Up this curving path you travel, stepping lightly to avoid making any unnecessary noise. After turning and turning, climbing ever upward, you at least glimpse the smooth caress of a brither light up ahead of you across the pale walls of the way. Another doorway comes into view, filled with what might be the light of heaven itself.

Into this light you step...
... and before you basks a beautiful Flion.

She is curled serenely in a deep basin carved into the top of the tower and filled with crystalline water. Magical-looking markings and Celtic knotwork surround the rim, glimmering solemnly in the stone. Her feathery wings are not drenched by the water, but instead seem to be a part of it. Shimmering scales of several shades of blue catch the light and throw it around the area as she flicks a delicate fanned tail. A webbed crest is crowned by a single, short white horn, and her piercing blue eyes regard you steadily yet she makes no sound. As you look around again, you see that the basin is situated in the center of a depression in the middle of the large open ledge. It is a perfect roost for such a flying creature since it makes taking off a convenience rather than a difficulty. From this height you can see a large forest with a large pond at its edge and beyond that is the ocean, capped by enormous rainclouds in which lightning flickers but the thunder is yet unheard. It appears that the aquatic beauty graces this ivory haven as her home. As you turn to leave, you see that just within the door is a small pan flute on the wall. The DragonSpeaker must play it for the Flion when she visits. Some say that all creatures love music, even before they are born. You descend the stairs again, thinking about the silent but lovely Flion as you navigate the twisting way for the second time. Upon a whim, you turn to glance at the threshold once more before you leave and realize that on the top of the doorway there is a single word carven into the pale stone: Alaris. That must be her name! The DragonSpeaker is waiting for you when you emerge, and you both continue your journey.

Name: Sunshine
Type: Parrot Plush Flion Toy
About: Sunshine is Alaris' new plushie friend. Name: Rohksemiire
Prize for 3rd place in
Flion Beauty Contest #4!
Name: Alaris
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Life mate: Rohksemiire
Breeding mate: Rohksemiire
Wings: Feathered Dragon
Tail: Fin
Horns: One: forehead
Spikes: Webbed
Fur: none
Markings: Wiggles Stripes*
Coloration: Deep ocean + Sky
Legs: none
Eyes: Blue
Special: *Mutated coloration; Element: Water, rain, ocean
Clutch: Seven (Special Elemental)
Original image: here

Additional information from Jewel:

She is the ruler of water and controls the rain, the oceans, the rivers, and even the animals within her waters. She can transform into any one of those creatures or into the water itself whenever she wishes, and often likes to swim and play as a happy dolphin. She has a playful nature, and spends most of her time exploring the water she controls or falling to the earth as rain.
Personality: As Jewel stated, Alaris is a playful, happy Flion who loves to swim in the sea and other bodies of water. She enjoys exploring her oceanic home in various forms, so one cannot always be sure whether or not one has run into this particular Flion. Her abilities to manipulate water and shapeshift allow her to perform all sorts of mischief when she is in the mood for a little fun. She is never malicious in her antics though, preferring harmless things such as appearing suddenly out of thin air (using the water vapor) or teaming up with wild dolphins to play their games. Alaris gets along fairly well with most creatures, but has the most fun with those who like to be active all the time. She is certainly well-meaning, so there are very few who cannot find a friend in her.