Arboreal Secrets

Flions are from Jewel at the lovely Sanori Gardens!

Following the DragonSpeaker, you are led into the forest you previously sighted from the summit of Alaris' ivory tower. It is a realm alive with magic and birdsong. Tiny glimmering insects flit in and out of the dappled sunlight on their daily activities and the occasional bird darts across your path as a blur of color. Flowers abound and their scents mingle to create a heavenly aroma about you and your traveling companion. You abruptly find yourself in the middle of a natural clearing. At the center of the space is a venerable oak whose branches are crooked and bent with age. Although its bark shows the marks of the years, the oak exudes a sense of wisdom and strength that conveys more knowledge than if it had spoken directly to you. Curled around the branches is a pale Flion who appears to have been molded from cloud and mist, partially obscured by the guarding leaves of the tree. He watches you with an air of nonchalance, as if he knows something you do not. Well, he probably does, as you are the one visiting his home.

As you move a little closer...

... you can see the faintest smile on his muzzle.
In the glow of the sunlight that filters through the oak's leaves, you can see a rough nest of twigs in the crook of embracing oak branches. Perhaps this is where the silent gray Flion was born. Your theory seems true since there is evidence of caretakers of some sort occurring in the form of such humble offerings as a bed of downy feathers and a knotted trinket woven from vines- both arranged in the nest with care. It is obvious that the forest protects and loves this creature, as does his friend, your guide. As you look about and think to yourself, the DragonSpeaker nods to your observer in a polite greeting and then beckons you onward.

Saceuran's Dayon: see below for stats!

Name: Shalea
Custom from a grab bag.
Name: Saceuran
Gender: Male
Life Mate: Sunshine
Breeding Mate: Sunshine
Age: Adult
Wings: Dragon
Tail: Hooked
Horns: Two: Brow
Spikes: None
Fur: None
Markings: Royal Swirl
Coloration: White + Fog
Legs: None
Eyes: Spring
Other: None
Clutch: Nine (Ceyser + Asdeno)
Original image: here
Personality: Not one for lengthy conversation, Saceuran prefers to bury his nose in a book of poetry. His tastes tend to lean toward the nebulous, artistic and mystical, but he can be brought back from his private world of dreams by soft words and a promise of a mind with similar interests. Tenderhearted and a bit shy, Saceuran cannot bear to see unhappy creatures without attempting to cheer them up. Always unsure of how to go about it, he usually results to sharing from his vast repetoire of memorized poems and stories. His kind attitude and softspoken, polite manner allows him to win over most creatures as friends, including the other Flions cared for by DragonSpeaker. His mate, Sunshine, is the joy of his life, and the source of much of his artistic inspiration.
Name: Merrizol
Species: Dayon
Gender: Male
ID: 28
Personality: A bit of an imp, he seems to think he's about twice as big as he really is.