At the Shore

Flions are from Jewel at the lovely Sanori Gardens!

After a moderate eastward trek, you and your host reach the seashore. Low dunes topped with long golden sea oats and ample amounts of coarse grasses rise in humble beauty to either side before giving way to the flat sands. The sea breeze catches at the foliage as well as the two travelers, hinting of sea tales long lost upon the waters. The sounds of the gently rolling waves are intermixed with the ardent cries of the seabirds, some laughing and others given to cries of a more somber nature. There are hardly any tracks upon the sand, and those that are apparent are primarily avian, though there is also evidence of crabs or some other crustacean. Pungent salt aromas mingle with the less amicable smell of washed-up seaweed as you near the water, though it does not seem to bother the small shorebirds that skitter away as the visitors approach. The entire scene is one of natural calm, and you can feel your travel weariness slip away- at least a little. Your quiet host appears to be studying the water some distance out, no doubt searching for this area’s tenant, but neither of you spot him right away. Only after a few minutes do you catch sight of a fin, and then a wing, and at last a face.

The Flion nods to the watchers on the shore, extending a wing in a draconic salute before diving again. His coloration was that of the sea as well, waves marking him from head to tail as if imprinted with a choppy sea. The two of you watch him play in the surf for a little while, for he seems to have made friends with a dolphin or two. DragonSpeaker smiles, enjoying their game from afar, and remarks, “That there is Rohksemiire. He fancies himself King of the Sea, but he knows as well as anybody that Alaris is the master of water. He seems content to play in it without being the ruler though.” After a little while, the game moves further out into the blue, and so you and your host continue along the shore, speaking amiably about the marvelous creatures that inhabit this place.

Name: Alaris
Prize for 3rd place in
Flion Beauty Contest #4!
Name: Rohksemiire
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Life mate: Alaris
Breeding mate: Alaris
Wings: Dragon
Tail: Fin
Horns: Three: Brow and Nose
Spikes: Webbed
Fur: none
Markings: none
Coloration: Sky + Aqua
Legs: none
Eyes: Golden Sun
Special: none
Clutch: Special Clutch Three