Morefian Kitsunes - Page 1

Morefian Kitsunes - Page 1

All Morefian Kitsunes are from Hyakuhei at Morefian Kitsune Adoptions!

Name: Akari
Meaning: a light
Origin: Japanese
Gender: Female
ID: k020f
Element: Wind
Color: Sun Vixen
Notes: Wings! I like her eyes... a lot. ^^
First of this pose!

Name: Onryou
Meaning: revengful ghost, apparition,
Origin: Japanese
Gender: Male
Element: MEGA RARE Stone
ID: 14m
Color: Appalachian Apparition
Mutations: Horse-like tail;
Glowing, RARE Green eyes

Name: Radiance Abound
Nickname: "Rad" (Pronounced as "raid")
Gender: Male
Element: Gold
ID: 027m
Color: Horus
Notes: Wings! ^^

Name: From the Fire
Nickname: "Fire"
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
ID: 040m
Color: Sulfur Rising
Notes: Partial Spotting

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