Morefian Kitsunes- Page 2

Morefian Kitsunes- Page 2

All Morefian Kitsunes are from Hyakuhei at Morefian Kitsune Adoptions!

Name: Windsheen
Gender: Male
Element: Wind
ID: 09m
Color: Sunny Side Up
Notes: None

Name: Arid Blaze
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
ID: 023m
Color: Corona
Notes: First of this pose ^^

Name: Monshirochou
Meaning: "cabbage white butterfly"
Origin: Japanese
Gender: Female
Element: Light
ID: 026f
Color: Easter Ribbons
Notes: None

Name: Shards
Gender: Male
Element: Gold
ID: 035m
Color: Regallion
Notes: 4th in Suites series
Rank: Jack of Diamonds

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