New Beginnings

Flions are from Jewel at the lovely Sanori Gardens!

(Story to be updated soon!)
As you pass by a rocky outcropping a little to the left of the path, you spot a small gray Flion hatchling nestled amongst an odd assortment of twigs, leaves, and a few baubles. The arrangement is careful, yet has an odd sort of balance to it, with the woody bits woven at strange angles. You can almost see a pattern in the way the leaves and branches are twined together, though it might just be your imagination. Either way, there are clearly identifiable feathers and bits of jewelry and bright things adorning the nest. The feathers are rather large, mostly a deep blue color, except for a few pearly white ones. They could be from some large bird, or perhaps from a feathered Flion. The shiny bits consist of a lost pearl necklace, a bit of gold chain, a dangly earring, and a spoon. There are some less obvious things as well, but it is hard to tell if they are cogs or more jewelry or something more wondrously crafted. The little one watches you with obvious curiosity, but makes no sound or motion other than an occasional sleepy blink.

You decide not to get any closer, since you do not want to alarm any watching caretakers or parents.

As you move off, the Flion seems to be watching you, nodding a little. It is almost as if it is saying goodbye to the momentary visitor. You wave back in a friendly manner, smiling at the adorable gray hatchling. The little baby in the "magpie" nest seems to smile just slightly, though it is hard to tell. You like to think that it was a smile, anyhow. It probably was.

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Name: Midnight Rainbow
Designed by Crys.
Prize for sending in a screenshot of
the 11,000 post mark at the Terrace!
Name: Rel Vilaeuth
Gender: male
Life Mate: Illuminati
Breeding Mate: Illuminati
Age: Adult
Wings: Feathered
Tail: Thin
Horns: One: Forehead: Spiral
Spikes: Webbed
Fur: Elbow
Markings: Royal Swirl
Coloration: Black + Cool Rainbow Swirl*
Legs: Front
Eyes: Magenta
Special: *Mutation
Clutch: Twenty-three (Vincent + Keaira)
Personality: Coming soon.