To New Heights

Flions are from Jewel at the lovely Sanori Gardens!

Story coming soon!



story soon.

Ras' Dayon: see below for stats!

Name: Sunshine
Made to look like Jewel's kitty.
Sunshine is a free plushy given to all!
Name: Ras Eiadeum
"rah eh-yah-dee-um"
Gender: Male
Life Mate: none
Breeding Mate: none
Age: Adult
Wings: Feathered Dragon
Tail: Hooked
Horns: None
Spikes: Dino
Fur: None
Markings: Reversed Stripes
Coloration: White + Ice
Legs: None
Eyes: Magenta
Special: None
Clutch: Special Clutch Three
Personality: Ras Eiadeum is the strong, silent type. Despite his rather light appearance, he is very brave and considers himself to be honorable and chivalrous, much like a knight of the old lore. His stoic nature allows him to be quiet without offense. It is not unusual for him to say no more than a sentence or two in an entire day. This had lead some to believe that this means that he has no thoughts, but the truth is that Ras is just not the sort to share them constantly. Despite his lack of oration, he has very strong convictions and likes to think of himself as sort of a defender of the weak. He chose his rather harsh mountain home in order to train his body to be as strong as his mind, so that he might withstand any peril that could bring harm to those he cares about. This last subject is probably the thing he is most silent about. Although he is as capable of love as anyone else, he is actually very shy about declaring his feelings. This causes a mixture of frustration and ardor among his admirers.
Name: Serridey
Species: Dayon
Gender: Male
ID: 20
Personality: Sweet and very friendly, loves to curl up in the sun to sleep.