The Skywatch

Flions are from Jewel at the lovely Sanori Gardens!

As you near the edge of the forest, the trees begin to thin and the sounds of the woodland creatures fade away into obscurity. What you see before you is an open expanse of rolling grassland bordered on the west by the woods you recently passed through, and on the east by the sea. The southern edge of the grassland fades away into faintly curling mist to the south, and appears to meet a series of low hills to the north. After allowing you a few moments to take in the new scenery, the DragonSpeaker moves forward, and you both tread easily through the long, lush grass. Occasionally, a grasshopper appears out of the grass, springing away from the large creatures with amazing strength. Dragonflies are also abundant in the area, flitting about on the ample breezes with the grace only their kind knows. Once in a while, you come across small patches of flowers in various shades of yellow, blue and pink. Their faint aroma accompanies you across the field. It seems that you have been walking for some time without coming across anything other than the sort of life you might expect in a place like this, but suddenly DragonSpeaker stops and turns to you. “Edeya should know we’re here by now. She hardly ever comes down from her flights during the day, but she is always curious about our guests.” After waiting for a few minutes, searching the sky, it seems that your companion’s gaze is fixed on a particularly bright bit of cloud. Funny how that cloud moves...

But you stare at it a little longer...

... and catch sight of a pale splendor.

The bright Flion glimmers in the sunlight as she moves, her white wings beating smoothly as she approaches. Her body seems to glimmer with an opalescent sheen and her azure mane contrasts sharply with the delicate prismatic colors of her scales. Her flight levels out as she comes very close, and she circles a little before finally landing a short distance away, wings folded neatly. As she comes over, it is clear that there is a smile on her muzzle. Dipping her head slightly, she politely greets you in a melodic tone, “Hello there! I am called Edeya Lessanen and this field is the Windy Meadow, because there is always a breeze here.” DragonSpeaker nods in assent, “How is the flying today, Edeya?” The Flion enthusiastically describes the currents of the upper air and some other meteorological details. You both nod in agreement, making some sort of concurrent statements, and by this time it is obvious that she wishes to return to her element. Saying your farewells, you watch as she makes a bit of an awkward takeoff, but immediately resumes her former grace once in the air. Her whispy form is nearly lost in the lazy clouds overhead as you both turn toward the sea, whose enticing waves can almost be heard.

Edeya's Dayon: see below for stats!
Name: Edeya Lessanen
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Life mate: none
Breeding mate: none
Wings: Feathered
Tail: Thin
Horns: Two: Brow: Spiral
Spikes: none
Fur: Spikey Mane
Markings: none
Coloration: Opal
Legs: Back
Eyes: Sky
Special: none
Clutch: Special Clutch Three
Personality: Edeya is a bit flighty, but the other Flions help to keep her in check when her ideas become too wild for conception. She is well meaning in her fancies, but such wild thoughts combined with high hopes make it easy for her to be disappointed. She is not a fool, but rather an intelligent dreamer. Where she lacks realism, she makes up for it with the sheer complexity of her imaginings. Feeling a strong kinship with the sky, she tends to keep in flight most of the time, wheeling on thermals along with the birds and air spirits that populate such high altitudes. Sometimes it gets too lonely up there alone, and so she will coax one of the other Flions to join her on bouts of wild aerial acrobatic games. During the few times when she feels like being still (and quiet) she likes to listen to the more unusual tales Saceuran tells. If she ever does manage to capture a mate, it must be someone who loves to fly and dream, for it is Edeya's fervent belief that dreams are ten times as wonderful when they are shared.
Name: Razziene
Species: Dayon
Gender: Male
ID: 14
Personality: Zippy and cheerful, always ready for an adventure!