My Woolverns are from EmmaHSH at At Full Empty!

Name: Airleas
Meaning: Pledge
Origin: Gaelic
Gender: Male
ID: Wool4

The Special Sisters

In the world of the Woolvern, strange things CAN happen. Wool8 is one of these strange happenings. She's a GHOST Woolvern, though she is fully alive. Her and her sister Wool9 are both orphans, their mothering having been killed in labor by the archenemy of the Wools, Humans. Wool9 was born BEFORE her sister, though the name says otherwise. Wool8 was rescued from her dead mother's body only minutes after the mother was killed. This is believed to be why she's a GHOST Woolvern, though no one's sure. There's only two other known GHOSTS in the wild; ones we haven't tried to catch. Wool8 was found before Wool9, which is why she's numbered 8. We later discovered that Wool9 is indeed older than the GHOST because her wing feathers started growing in first.

Name: Chekotwae
Meaning: Silver Spirit
Origin: Heronspeak
Gender: Female
ID: Wool8

Name: Veronsatei
Meaning: Hawk Spirit
Origin: Old Tongue of Inaka
Gender: Female
ID: Wool9

Name: Cassare
Meaning: wind-leaf
Origin: Old Tongue of Inaka
Gender: Female
ID: WoolC1
Note: Special "green tips" where flight feathers and tail are green.