Resharneleth is a Windstorm Dragon from Baka at the Windstorm Weyr!

Although it is very long, Resharneleth prefers to be
called by his full name. He never bothers to specify
why this should be, but instead curtly corrects the
speaker when he or she errs on this matter. No one
except Khali ever dares to taunt him on this matter,
and she is probably the only one that will ever be allowed
to since she is both a sibling and a match in strength.
Resharneleth tends to be quite withdrawn, even in the company
of his generally outgoing Illusion sister. The only time he
shows more than a passive interest in the goings-on of the
Realm is when Reflection elemental power is needed or used.
According to the other Dragons, Resharneleth has been spending
a great deal of his time refining his powers and honing his
skills, but he remains relatively untested on this.
Until he finally engages in a real battle, the speculation
will continue. On rare occasions, Resharneleth can be engaged
in a real conversation. At such times he proves himself to
be an eloquent speaker considering how most Dragons are forced
to utilize a "common tongue" that is unfamiliar to their anatomy.
He possesses knowledge of a wide range of subjects, so maybe
the rumors speaking of his self education are not so farfetched.

Name: Resharneleth
ID: WD023
Gender: Male
Element: Reflection
Stage: Adult
Clutch#: 006 X wild - 1
Parents: Chaosflame x wild
Strength: 17 + 3 = 20
Agility: 7
Speed: 13
Defense: 10 + 7 + 2 = 19
Intelligence: 18
Health: 17/17
Abilities: Mirror - creates a seemingly endless
landscape of mirrors, very confusing for opponent WD.
Egg image:

Equipped Items

Neck Armor (+7 Defense) x 1 Tail Spikes (+3 Attack) x 1 Helmet (+2 Defense) x 1