Khaliara is a Windstorm Dragon from Baka at the Windstorm Weyr!

Khaliara is a very tricky Dragon to deal with.
Not only is Khali, as she is sometimes called by friends,
a Dragon of the Illusion element, but she is by nature
a great trickster. She loves to play jokes on the other
Dragons and then act as if she had no idea what happened.
These little pranks tend to confuse some of the less intelligent
inhabitants of the Realm, but it is all in good fun. Despite
Khali's inclination toward mischief, she is a loyal friend to
those she deems worthy of her company. When Khali is not in a
playful mood, she is very quiet and difficult to find. If she
does not want to be found, there is really no point in looking
for her. This is due to her excellent skill for hiding and
blending in, as befits an Illusion Dragon! In addition to these
qualities, Khali is also a very good problem solver. Her high
intelligence shines through whenever she is faced with some sort
of difficulty. Her resourcefulness is well known around the Realm,
so well known that other creatures often come seeking her aid.
However, the difficult part is not asking for her help, but finding
her so she can be asked!

Name: Khaliara
ID: WD022
Gender: Female
Element: Illusion
Stage: Adult
Clutch#: 006 X wild - 1
Parents: Chaosflame x wild
Strength: 10 + 3 = 13
Agility: 17
Speed: 16
Defense: 8 + 2x2 + 7 + 2 = 21
Intelligence: 20
Health: 17/17
Abilities: Mindscape - Reflects an image
from either his/her own imagination, or
that of the opponent WD back at the opponent.
Egg image:

Equipped Items

Leg Plate (+2 Defense) x 2 Neck Armor (+7 Defense) x 1 Tail Spikes (+3 Attack) x 1 Helmet (+2 Defense) x 1