Evamerwae is a Windstorm Dragon from Baka at the Windstorm Weyr!

Evamerwae is a generally placid creature.
She is known by her few close friends as Eva.
To those that she does not consider friends, she is
an ellusive entity, choosing to show herself only
after carefully scrutinizing the visitor in question.
She has never bothered to explain to anyone why
she takes such precautions about other creatures,
but she must have her reasons, as Dragons always do.
Eva is almost never seen without her faithful friend,
a Blue Melany that has acquired the name Raindrop.
This little Melany is a highly active creature
with a tendency to be overly garrulous.
Eva puts up with the chatter, which is more than
enough for the two of them, since Raindrop has
proven her worth many times. Both the Dragon and
Melany are highly intelligent, and together they
make an excellent team. Both enjoy testing their
prowess against the other Dragons that dwell in
the DragonSpeaker's Realm, but they have yet to
be tested in true combat. They hope to remedy this
situation one day. Until then, Eva and little Raindrop
can occasionally be spotted along these sandy shores
or playing in the sunwarmed ocean waves.
If you are lucky, you might even see them as they
worship the Dragon Goddess of Water, Minsa.

Name: Evamerwae
ID: WD003
Gender: Female
Element: Water
Stage: Adult
Clutch#: Orphan - 1
Parents: wild X wild
Strength: 10
Agility: 16
Speed: 12
Defense: 7
Intelligence: 8
Health: 11/11
Abilities: Rain - Creates large storm clouds
which start raining very heavy, unusually so. Can be quite painful.
Egg image:


Name: Raindrop
Item: Blue Melany
Description: Over time will increse all of a
WD's stats, and also teach a few more abilities.
Works best with water elemants.

Item: Water Pendant
Description: The water pendant increases the attack
-or- defense of a water elemented dragon by 1-6.