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"A Muse, if ever there existed such a creature, would be put to shame by the song of Mayazu Kesumi," DragonSpeaker explains as she leads you down a lengthy hallway. It is silent save the sound of your feet along the grey marble floor and the whisper of your breath, and of course the occasional comment from your current guide. The mentioned guide stops at a very large door that seems to have suddenly appeared in the wall to your left... or perhaps you just had't noticed that you had come to stand near it. The door is about seven feet high, composed of blackthorn, and has nine panel insets, each covered in intricate carvings. Most of the carvings are curving geometric designs, but the center panel depicts an old growth forest with many of the smaller forest creatures partially hidden in the foliage. "Just give the door a gentle push to open it. She knows you are coming, so don't be nervous," with those words and an encouraging smile, DragonSpeaker leaves you to your visit and disappears down the hallway in the opposite direction from that which you came. Following her advice, you give the door a light push. It immediately swings open on silent hinges and you step through the threshold.

What you had expected to be an antiquated castle room (or something of the indoor sort) turns out to be the middle of the same ancient forest depicted in the center panel of the door. Behind you, the door stands alone in the forest, oddly enough. Once over your surprise at the site of the lonely door, you notice the tiny brown birds that flit through the branches high up over your head, chittering softly to one another. Soon you detect another sound, something foreign to the natural sounds of the woods. It is a flute or whistle of some sort, a silvery sound that permeates through the trees. Following it, you come upon a natural clearing, in the center of which is seated an unusual Tsume Dragon facing toward you. She is playing a tin whistle, the source of the music you heard. Although she sees you, she makes no movement to acknowledge you presence, but continues the song. It is a private concert for her guest! After a few more moments, she seems to have reached the end of her tin whistle song. Tucking it away under her wing, she looks straight at you and begins to sing, low and somber. The melody picks up after a few measures and the Tsume is soon weaving a glorious ballad without words, and yet you feel as if you can almost understand what it means... Although a long time passes in this sort of song-induced trance, it feels as if you barely started listening when the song dies away. This time, however, the Tsume speaks. "Welcome to my home, wanderer. I am called Mayazu Kesumi, a Tsume, as you may know. Stay as long as you like if you enjoy song." Her voice is light and beautiful to hear, and she speaks her words with a lilting manner that is like a song in itself. She is obviously musically oriented, and a master at that. Accepting the offer, you seat yourself and listen as the sun inches across the sky. She seems tireless in her songmaking, although the bandages she wears might make you think she would tire quickly. As Mayazu switches to her tin whistle once again, you realize that you have been there for a very long time and stand to leave. She nods while playing, a fluid movement that does not interrupt the melody. "Farewell, songmaster," you murmur as you head back to the lonely door. It seems as if the song follows you, playing in your head with Mayazu's voice, even as you step back through the threshold.

My song
Cannot always be heard
It is a thought, a whisper
A feeling
An intangible part of me


Name: Mayazu Kesumi
ID: t171f
Gender: Female
Element: ..Not sure (see below)

She was found not long ago with minor injuries that were not sustained from some heroic battle for good or survival, rather in a fight over territory with a Tsume that just happened to be stronger than she. Though all her wounds have healed, she likes to wear the bandages even now. Shes partially blind in her left eye, but she can still see out of it. Her left wing had been broken before and had not quite healed properly, so she cant fly anymore. She has an odd obsession with music, and is most comfortable when left to playing her tin whistle. However, when she doesnt have her whistle, she has been known either to start singing (her voice is exceptional when it comes to this) or to weave music out of thin air! Because of this, it has been thought she might be of a new element, a music or sound type. Her mane is oddly irridecent, and it clashes with her white and gray coat.