My Cheval is from Shinku's Crystal Shards Farm!

As you stride up to the fence of the roomy paddock, a dappled stallion whinnies pleasantly and makes his way over to you. His step is sure, his manner friendly, and he perks his ears up in an almost comical show of curiosity. As you offer your hand to him, palm up, for inspection, he nuzzles it and suddenly sneezes. Silv, for that is his name, blinks in surprise at his own sneeze and nickers softly, having decided that you seem quite all right with him. All the while you are in the area, he stays along the fence closest to you, as if he feels that he must be your host. Silv is well disciplined with a love of show, and so excels in the art of dressage. He also enjoys jumping, but tends to dislike the longer cross country competitions. A sweet, cheerful stallion, Silverspirit is always ready to make new friends.

Name: Everwind's Silverspirit (Silv)
ID: ch24mdg
Personality: Joyful, gentle.
Abilities: Hunter/Jumper (6/10), X-Country (5/10), Dressage (7/10)
Notes: Flowy tail; Two Socks; Anklet + feather.
Owner: DragonSpeaker

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