Soma Cove

Somas are from Nylecoj at Jocelyn, INC.!

Name: Java
ID: soma2_2
Gender: Female

Name: Shien
Meaning: "purple smoke"
Origin: Japanese
ID: soma3_dee
Gender: Male

Name: Nova
ID: soma1_marki
Gender: Male

Name: Rosebright
ID: soma2_marki
Gender: Female

Name: Arco Iris
Meaning: "rainbow" or "Iris' arc"
(Iris was a messenger of war and goddess of the rainbow)
Origin: Spanish
ID: soma3_cricket
Gender: Male

The next Somas were colored by me, Dr.S!
The first two were extra color combinations that Jocelyn graciously let me keep.

Name: Aureole
Gender: Female

Name: Ocean's Umbra
Gender: Male

Name: Elaera
ID: soma1_dragon
Gender: Female