Ryetag are from Red and Yuiven at Toroem, Home of the Ryetag!

Name: Mik'rall
Pronunciation: mick - rall
ID: rt004m
Gender: Male
Color: Inferno
Eyes: Sundazzle
Level: 2, [1]
Personality: Although he has a fiery temper, it usually
takes quite a lot to anger him. He is honest and tends to be
blunt when telling the truth. When it comes to conflict,
Mik'rall will refuse to back down when he knows he is
right, which can somtimes lead to friction with other creatures.
However, he is good hearted and loyal, and will
gladly come to a compromise if the other party is willing.

Name: Kisiari
Pronunciation: keese - ee - are - ee
ID: rt33f
Gender: Female
Color: Lavender Frills
Eyes: Burgundy
Level: 1
Personality: Shy and intelligent, Kisiari is Mik'rall's playmate.
She loves the outdoors and spends much of her time speaking
with the creatures that share her world. She avoids conflict when
she can, usually opting to put her excellent diplomatic skills to
work instead. Although Kis tends to be timid around new
acquaintances, her subtle sense of humor wins her many friends.