My Pinilya are from Raven at Kurrama Valley!

Name: Celarii Kenata
ID: hpi04
Gender: Female
Rank: Delta
Preferred Climate: Meadow
Color: Batty Green
Costume: Witch
Eye Color: Red
Note: Bat markings and witch hat.

Celarii is a mischievous Pinilya with an impeccable sense of humor. Her jokes tend to be clever and subtle and she takes great pleasure in devising little tricks to play on her friends. Halloween is her favorite holiday because she gets to show off her witch costume to everyone. Although she makes trouble at times, Celarii has a gentle heart and cares deeply for those around her, sometimes taking on the role of older sister or mother when someone needs comforting or support. Her kind and playful personality makes her a valuable asset to any herd. The role of Delta is perfect for her because her adventurous nature gives her the courage required to guard her herd from whatever may come.

Name: Cwervuu
ID: hpi01
Gender: Male
Rank: Omega
Preferred Climate: Meadow
Color: Cotton Candy
Costume: Easter Bunny
Eye Color: Purple
Note: He's the Easter bunny! Isn't his little basket so cute!

As the Omega, Cwervuu's place is at the bottom of the Pinilya social structure. He wants to be well liked, but finds that he is usually a scapegoat. When he is blamed for things, it only makes him try harder to be funny or clever and earn the friendship of other Pinilya. He is a clownish character, but he is very warm-hearted and worthy of deep trust, as he will utterly devote himself to anyone that cares to befriend him. This also makes him gullible to a degree, and so Celarii takes extra care to keep an eye on him in order to protect him. Cwervuu tends to avoid conflict if possible, but sometimes he does not realize what he is getting into when he makes mischief.