My Mire Dragons' Lair

The Mire Dragons' Lair

Alliaeth Ecmanedor

As you wander along the strange realms, the sound of rushing water reaches your ears. A bit thirsty from the long walk to this secluded area, you follow the sound. At last you find yourself facing a lovely cascade of water over mossy rocks, a lovely scene of peace and beauty. "Welcome to the Mire Haven, our humble home," a deep voice rumbles from behind you. As you whirl around, a large red and black Raptor Dragon regards you with mild curiosity. He leans his forelegs nonchalantly on a gleaming silver axe. "I am Alliaeth, a Raptor Dragon from the Unknown World." Remembering your manners you stutter out a reply, eyeing the axe. Following your gaze, he chuckles, "No need to worry about that, you don't seem like you pose and danger to this realm." As he concludes, you relax. A moment later a blue Sea Dragon saunters up beside Alliaeth, he too carries an axe. "'Ello there, Ally! What's this? A visitor!" Alliaeth rolls his eyes in mock annoyance at his companion's chatty nature. "I happen to be the infamous Ecmanedor!" He waits expectantly for your praise... "Well... perhaps I'm not that famous..." he giggles suddenly, "That's all right, I am glad to have met you!" He bounds up to the top of the waterfall with surprising grace and prepares to pounce on Alliaeth. The Raptor Dragon, unaware of his predicament, continues, "As I stated before, this is our home. We like to practice using our weaponry on these ledges in order to improve our agility, dexterity, and- UMPH!" His words are cut off by the sudden attack of Ecmanedor. The two wrestle playfully, growling and laughing like brothers. You decide to leave them to settle their mini-battle. ^_~

Both Dragons are from Unknown World, more specifically- The Mire.

Note: I did not alter these images, they are just overlapped by placement.