Marsh Hounds

My Marsh Hounds are from Willow's Rainmoor!

The habitat consists of a savannah biome with a readily available water source in the form of a slow moving river that winds its way toward the east like a lazy snake. The grasses are golden and sway hypnotically in the gentle wind. Although the cover is sparse, the sun is pleasantly warm at this time of day and you feel a bit sleepy as you explore.

Name: Mwanadongo
Meaning: Child of the Earth
Gender: Female
ID: MHnd008
This female cocks her head to one side as you pass the cage, but doesn't come any closer.

You almost miss the mottled coat of the Marsh Hound as you make your way slowly through the long grasses. Still somewhat reticent around visitors, Mwanadongo does not approach you, but chooses to watch you with one ear up. Her posture is relaxed, but her eyes are alert and her tongue flicks out as you move slowly past. Scenting you. You must have passed her inspection because when you look back over your shoulder, she has turned her attention to a passing dragonfly, watching it zip about on its way to the river.

Name: Aniweta
Meaning: Spirit
Gender: Male
ID: MHnd001
Daaw it's a Marsh Hound!

As you continue onward, you are enthusiastically greeted by what at first appears to be a plain brown Marsh Hound. As he comes closer, you can see more clearly the striking red markings on his coat. All eyes are trained on you, but the wiggling tail and perked up ears are familiar enough signs. You relax as he dances around you and start to follow in his wake. His trail takes you down toward the river where you are finally able to get a good look at the landscape around this place. Up ahead, in the river's path and fed by it, is the beginning of a marshy area. Ah, that explains why the Hounds would be about this place. It looks like the Hound took off on some business of his own while you were contemplating the landscape, so you decide to head off toward the marsh.

Name: Hundertwasser
Meaning: Modern artist/architect
Gender: Female
ID: MHnd007
Funky looking!

The ground is getting a bit soggy and you find yourself concentrating on where to put your feet when there is a flash of color to your right. Before you can quite decide what just happened, a brilliantly colored Hound darts out of the foliage to prance about you. She looks like she could positively light up the dark with her flourescent coat and it seems that her personality matches. As she takes off ahead of you, she pointedly turns to lok over her shoulder at you. Time to follow! It doesn't even cross your mind to question it, you simply follow her lead and you know she will take you to where you need to go... even though you aren't sure just where that is yet. Sounds like an adventure!