My Mantas are from Dee!

Name: Dalin
ID: ma01
Gender: Male
Coloration: Dark Violet, Light Purple Spots On Wings, Antenna

Name: Ketra
ID: ma08
Gender: Female
Coloration: Magenta, Light Pink Tail Frill, Turquoise Bracelet And Wing Stud

Name: Orlat
ID: ma09
Gender: Male
Coloration: Silver Wing And Tail, Bronze Underside And Head, Silver Tail Rings And Wing Ring

Name: Theer
ID: ma10
Gender: Male
Coloration: Lime Green Fading To Orange And Pink Points, Red Spade Tail

Name: Liestra
ID: ma22
Gender: Female
Title: Butterscotch
Coloration: Pale Yellow, Lavender Swirl On Haunch, External Ears, Tailtuft

Name: Kemir
ID: ma24
Gender: Female
Title: Desert Hawk
Coloration: Bright Orange, Yellow And Red Head Feathers

Name: Jaegir
ID: ma19
Gender: Male
Title: Cheesy Cheetah
Coloration: Golden, Brown-Black Spots On Torso And Tail

Name: Veran
ID: ma23
Gender: Male
Title: Spotted Swamp
Coloration: Turquoise, Light Blue Spots Darker Around Tail, Lighter Around Head