My Kotee are from Tiagra (Tiagrakritter) at the Kotee Nilcoire!

Name: Masreall
Gender: Male
ID: K-35m-l
Rank: Leader
Color: Crayola Crayon
Jewlery: Silver Bracelets, Silver Collar
Markings: Draconic wings, Blue and Seafoam Green points

Name: Elartra
Gender: Female
ID: K-40f-l
Rank: Leader
Color: Violet Waters
Jewlery: Silver Tail Band, Silver Collar,
Silver Studs, Silver Dangle
Markings: Feathered Wings, Purple Points

Name: Jecheani
Gender: Male
ID: K-37m-sk
Rank: Seaker
Color: Green Lizard
Jewlery: Silver Tail Ring, Silver Armband
Markings: Yellow Spotted

Name: Serandus
Gender: Male
ID: K-39m-sk
Rank: Seaker
Color: Ocean Blueberry
Jewlery: Two Silver Hoops,
Markings: Silver Stripes