Ectamni's Forest

A Chance Meeting

Your travels have taken you far from the marked trail through Ectamni's Forest, but you trek onward regardless of that particular fact. As you step through a thick tangle of vines and low plants, a deep rumble reaches your ears. It does not sound like it could be the earth or a machine of any sort... As you turn to go through the bushes, you trip on a root and are sent flying through them to land on the ground at the edge of a clearing. Lucky for you the ground is composed of such soft, loamy earth. ^_^ The rumble sounds again and you stare in fascination at the creature responsible. A sleek male Cayline is showing a small green cub the art of Earth magic by creating small earthquakes and changing the shape of the ground. He turns to you and grins in a feline way, watching as you stand and brush yourself off. "Welcome to our little patch of forest. You may call me Wardstone. Please be careful, as we are performing magic here. Feel free to watch if you like." The cub bounds over to you in a mock attack. "Mrrrow!" His not-so-fearsome roar nearly sends you into a fit of laughter, but you pretend to be deathly afraid of him. The cub's chest puffs out proudly and he purrs, "Theral will not hurt you, stranger. Hahaha, just be careful in my jungle!" Wardstone winks at you, "Ahh, his lordship has deigned to allow you to live this time. You are quite lucky." He chuckles softly. "We will continue our lesson now. Come, Theral!"

Rhaeadr Theral Wardstone


Both Theral and Wardstone are adopted from Kit at Vadairia!