Imperial Luungs: Hatchery

Imperial Luungs are by Memoru!

Show Name: Aura's Phantom in Pink
Call Name: Hero
Gender: Bull
ID: IL-095-M
Morph: Purple Lemonblast Sugar Woma
Genotype: bb Rr Pp PsPs SuSu WmWm
Lineage: IL-055-F x IL-022-M
*What's this? It looks like he has some sort of tail tuft mutation! Cool!*
Egg: Warm

Show Name: Aura's Pretty Tollbooth
Call Name: Tardis
Gender: Hind
ID: IL-096-F
Morph: Blue Pinstripe Sugar Woma
Genotype: bb rr PsPs SuSu WmWm
Lineage: IL-055-F x IL-022-M
Egg: Hot

Show Name: Aura's Silver Skies
Call Name: Cirrus
Gender: Hind
ID: IL-097-F
Morph: Blue Toffee Sugar Spinner
Genotype: bb rr PsPs SpSp SuSu tftf
Lineage: IL-055-F x IL-022-M
*Wow! Toffee? It looks like Aura's Pretty in Pink and Aura's Phantom Tollbooth are
het for this gene! Please feel free to add TfTf to their genotype.*
Egg: Cold