Etzara Field

Etzara Field

-Mouse over a creature to see its name.-

The gentle breeze whispers past your ear as you stride easily through the long grass of the lush field. Several rabbitlike creatures can be glimpsed through the tall grasses as well as an enormous rock immediately to your right. The rock is mottled with several shades of green, possibly from moss of some sort. The creatures seem small and friendly, so you go just a bit closer...

Elemaora Grerwyth

Before you can take three steps, the "rock" comes to life and turns to you, simultaneously spreading two great wings. The Dragon regards you silently for a moment, then yawns. "Odd sort of beastie, aren't you? Ah well, as long as you don't harm yon Zus, you are welcome to stay. If you need anything, call on ol' Elemaora here." Her name is said like 'el-uh-MOUR-uh'. She chuckles softly at your shock and closes her eyes again.
Well, off to these Zus, eh?

Jirtha (m)Savyon (f)Mywran (m)Evath (f)

Crystham (m)Verali (f)Westerl (m)Zeptha (f)

Eight little Zus can be seen playing happily together in the tall grass, four handsome males and fours sleek females altogether. It looks like a game of hide-and-seek is going on. Maybe you'll join in?

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