Eorlan #eh74m - Aesh

Aeshiin Teszmodai

My Eorlan is from Indyslair at Eorl's Honor!

Name: Aeshiin Teszmodi
Pronunciation: "ae-sheen tezz-mode-eye"
Nickname: "Aesh"
ID#: eh74m
Clan of Eorl's Honor
Dark red male, red eyes
Demon Tail, Double Horns
Equine Eorlan
Halloween Eorlan 2003
Stage: 1.0
Additions: None

Life Points: 100
Strength: 35
Speed: 30
Intelligence: 35
Cunning: 33
Defense: 35

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense
by 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage
Kick -- 35 Damage
Owner: DragonSpeaker
Drawn: 10/20/03

Battle Record
No battles yet!

Stage 1.0

Dragon Wings Demon Spines Bone Armor
Bat Halloween Decoration Black Halloween Potion White Halloween Potion